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The World Wide Web is chock full of millions of websites. Many are informative, while others are there for sheer entertainment. There are loads of really cool websites to check out. Auction websites are a great way to find that rare item you've been looking for. You can also sell items of your own to make some extra cash. If you've looked all over town in vintage and thrift shops looking for that hard to find item with no luck, try an auction website and chances are it will be there.

Many websites offer up places to find free stuff such as samples, free trials, and even free t-shirts. There is a great deal of these websites online with hundreds of freebies to choose from. Free sites are a great way to try out new products. Some websites specialize in posting discount codes to some of your favorite online merchants. These sites give special codes to use when checking out to help you save on shipping and sometimes get a percent off your total purchase price.

MP3s and online music is fast becoming the wave of the future. Some websites have free music for download, and are based on a share system, where users can contribute their own songs for everyone else to listen to. Other websites that have MP3s may charge either a monthly fee or a per song fee, but it can be well worth it when they have a song you are really looking for, or if you do not want to purchase the whole album.

There is a plethora of cool websites to explore on the Internet. Anything from educational to entertainment can be found, along with forums where you can talk to others interested in the same things and even get advice. Think of things that you enjoy and do a search, and you're bound to find plenty of cool websites that you'll want to visit often.

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