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Cool Underwear

Most people you know only see the clothes you wear on the outside. What you wear underneath your clothes can help you feel confident and good about yourself. The days of garter belts and corsets are truly becoming a thing of the past. But you may not want to just wear the standard white cotton bra or pair of boxer shorts. There are some really cool types of underwear you can buy that will make you feel like a million bucks. Underwear has become an important aspect of a person's apparel.

The boy short style of underwear is a new twist on the traditional pair of panties for women. These cute pairs of underwear come in a great many different colors and styles. They look closer to a pair of short shorts, but are low cut for a feminine fit. You can purchase them with bows or in lace, or even get them with your favorite cartoon character or symbol on them. Boy shorts are comfortable and versatile, not to mention really cool.

For the males, plain boxers are out the door. Now you can get boxer shorts with anything from dice to Bart Simpson printed on them. Plaid, argyle, and stripes are also really cool. You can even find them in tie-dye! Men also like boxers that are really cool is the boxer brief. These are a kind of combination of both boxers and boxer brief underwear. They have a tighter fit with longer legs and are a very popular style.

Nightclothes can be really cool, too. Look for pajama pants in many different styles such as drawstring with silk ribbon at the bottom, or clam digger lengths for the summertime. Tank tops that you wear to bed are really cool, and if you're extra daring you can wear them underneath a blazer to make them more versatile.

Whether you wear thong underwear, boy shorts, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, etc, there are really a lot of cool underwear choices out there to choose from. The next time you go to the store for underwear don't just select plain colored cotton underwear, buy cool underwear that set themselves apart from the rest of the choices.

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