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Cool Toys

The toy market is so competitive; it's hard to keep up with the latest trends and the coolest toys. Whether it's action figures or video games, there are a huge number of cool toys to choose from. One of the newest toys out is the Nintendo DS game system. This new toy is a lot like Nintendo's older Game Boy, but with a new twist. Not only does it have full color screens, but also there are two screens instead of one. You can actually touch the screen to make your game characters move. It also features wireless capability and a pen that can be used on the screen like a PDA, so the toy serves several purposes and is really versatile.

Toys do not always have to be video game related in order to be cool. Downloadable paper models have always been a really popular selection and seem to stand the test of time. Another timeless toy is the Barbie doll, which continues to be one of the best selling dolls of all time. Some toys that we might remember from days past are coming back like Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. These toys remind us of our childhood, yet manufacturers know they still have the same appeal they had years ago, therefore they create a new angle on them and sell them to the new generation of children.

Promotional toys are always cool, such as Batman and Star Wars. Whenever a new movie hits the theaters, toy companies love to take advantage of this novelty by making new action figures, cards, and collectibles. Star Wars toys are extremely well known and have always been a great choice for kids of any age. No matter what toys you choose for your child, there is a great assortment of cool stuff that they will love to play with for many years.

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