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Cool Spy Gadgets

In a world where crime runs rampant, we want to take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves. Spy satellite gadgets are really hot items, and can help to ensure your safety. Just like a James Bond film, these cool gadgets use technology with function to allow you to sneak a peek at an intruder or someone you've had your eye on.

Spy cameras don't have to be overly obvious, as this would defeat the entire purpose of using them to spy. You can actually buy ink pens that have tiny cameras built into them. There are also Zippo lighters that flip open and turn into small digital cameras. The best part about these newfangled gadgets is that they're digital, so you can plug them into any computer and upload the photos instantly.

Perhaps surveillance is more of what you need when it comes to neat spy gadgets. Motion detectors come in different styles, and can be really handy when monitoring activities in and around the home. Most have small mounts that can be places anywhere in or outside the house and detect any motion, often at around one hundred feet away. Surveillance cameras with small video screens are also an excellent choice. This way you not only know someone is lurking, but you have it captured on film as well.

High tech listening devices can be informative as well as fun. You can purchase these in professional models, or for kids. These devices pick up even the smallest of sounds, so you can hear a whisper from several feet away. Protecting your home and family is extremely important. There are many great spy gadgets on the market today that will help you feel more secure and can also provide a lot of fun for the whole family.

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