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Cool Kids

As a child, it can be really difficult to fit in with other children in your age group. There are great deals of cool kids who can be a role model for your child. People such as actress Dakota Fanning can serve as someone for your kid to look up to. But most children are not child stars or famous people, so how do you ensure that your kid feels good about him or herself and feels like they're cool?

It all starts at home by giving your child praise and lifting them up whenever they need your support. Fostering a loving, learning environment really does wonders for a child's self esteem. This also gives them the confidence they need when it comes to interacting with others at school and at play. If you want your child to feel like they fit in with the others, offer to host a fun sleepover and invite some of their friends. Provide snacks, movies, and fun games. Odds are everyone will have a great time and your child will feel good about themselves.

Often, young people don't equate intelligence with cool. Dispel this myth by signing your child up for a local science club or after school activities. This can really help them learn while doing so with others the same age. It gives them a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. Take your child to the museum and show them artwork. Believe it or not, this new knowledge can be used to really impress the other children, and might even inspire them to learn something new as well!

No matter what, always reassure your child that it isn't important what others think of them, but what matters is what they think of themselves. With a loving family to encourage them, you will raise a wonderful and intelligent cool kid.

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