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Cool Guitars

Rock n' roll is such a powerful medium. If you play the guitar or if you're in a band, you want to play a really cool guitar to help give your band the edge. Tons of guitar manufacturers are constantly trying to keep up with the latest guitar styles. One of the most well known cool guitars is called the flying v. This guitar is shaped just like its name, with the body appearing to look like the letter v. Jimi Hendrix actually owned a flying v and hand painted designs all over it himself. A lot of heavy metal bands also use the flying v.

Another really cool guitar style is the clear guitar. Usually made of thick PVC plastic, you can actually see all the way through the body of it. Paul McCartney of the Beatles as well as many other famous musicians have used and played a clear guitar.

An exceedingly popular guitar is the Fender Jazzmaster. This sleek guitar is known for its superb sound and really high quality. This guitar design was first created in 1958 and has kept a huge following ever since. Bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Radiohead are all big fans of guitars made by Fender.

A guitar known as a "hollowbody" style is also really cool. This guitar creates a nice, smooth sound and is generally larger in size. A lot of rockabilly bands use this guitar because it gives them a surf type sound. Ibanez and Washburn are both s a major maker of the hollowbody style. Although many people consider this style to be more vintage, a great deal of popular bands today enjoy playing it.

These are just some suggestions if you are looking to find a really cool guitar. Do some research and go to your local music store and play a few different styles. With a little practice and asking around, you can find the coolest guitar that's right for you.

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