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Cool Furniture

The furniture in our homes is what makes us feel comfortable and is an expression of our own tastes. But sometimes furniture can be drab and boring and may not always reflect the look we'd like to achieve. There are some really cool furniture stores out there that offer up unique and different home furnishing styles to spice up any living room.

Ikea is probably one of the largest furniture dealers in the nation. Their modern look offers up beautifully designed household furniture, with a great price tag to boot. Most, if not all of Ikea's furniture comes unassembled and the customers must put it together themselves. This helps to cut costs while helping the environment by avoiding excess packaging. Ikea makes all kinds of furniture from ottomans to couches and much more, not to mention they have some of the most innovative designs available.

If you want one or two pieces in your home that stand out from the rest, look for crazy designs in furniture such as the high heel chair. This plush masterpiece looks just like a high-heeled shoe, but serves as a seat! Another sculpture-like furniture item is the lips couch. It looks like a giant pair of red lips, but it is really a couch! This is one of the most famous pieces of modern furniture.

The key to really cool furniture is sleek and modern. Bright colors look great against a neutral colored wall. Modular shelving turns a normal bookshelf into a work of art. Accessories really spice up your home, so look for funky and fun wall hung picture frames or even mobiles to hang from the ceiling. Some of the more modern styles of furniture can be exceedingly expensive. Instead of buying things for your mod pod from a furniture store, shop around at consignment and thrift stores and you might just find an original gem for less than half the price of the designer stores.

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