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Cool Drawings

Art is a wonderful form of self-expression. Whether it is a political cartoonist, a TV illustrator, or someone who does pictures for books, there are some really cool drawings out there to explore. Fan art is sweeping the country, where people draw renderings of their favorite characters from television and cartoons. Many people like to display these drawings in online galleries. You can submit your own fan art to a number of websites for everyone to see.

You don't have to be a professional to do your own cool drawings. With a little bit of practice, just about anyone can draw what he or she likes. Look at some other artists to get ideas and see if they offer up their techniques. Take an art class at a local community college or recreation center to help get you started. In no time, you can be drawing just like a pro! There are plenty of resources online that show people how to draw.

Drawings can range from wizards and dragons to lifelike portraits. Authors like Shel Silverstein create their own unique style of drawing. The political cartoon Bloom County has made characters such as Opus and Bill the Cat household names. Famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci have made their mark on the art world by using real people to make beautiful drawings that are known worldwide.

There are a great many different mediums to use when drawing. Oil or chalk drawings are fun to do, as well as graffiti styles done with spray paint. You may be more apt to use pen or pencil to draw, as many people find these tools give them more control. Dot drawings are really cool. Use a pen or pencil to creating thousands of small dots that come together to make a unique picture make these pieces of art. With so many cool drawings out there, you're sure to find some real inspiration and maybe become a famous artist yourself someday.

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