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Cool Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are essential for going anywhere with your baby. You need to be able to transport diapers, formula, bottles, and toys easily so they are ready when you need them. The problem with many diaper bags is that they can be too bulky or even unfashionable. Moms of the world: take heed. New diaper bag designs are here to make your life easier and to make you look great while toting around all those necessities.

If you're constantly walking or on the go, there are now diaper backpacks with straps so you can carry your stuff on your shoulders. This makes it easier to push a stroller or to carry your child while walking. Many of these models feature side pockets to hold bottles for easy removal.

Style might be more of a concern for the mom who needs to carry a diaper bag but doesn't want to look too dowdy. Today, diaper bags come in a great variety of beautiful colors, patterns, and styles. Some are even made to look more like a tote bag, so it appears you are carrying your every day handbag instead of a bulky diaper bag. Look for floral, stripes, and fun and funky patterns to give your bag a special look.

Versatility is really important when it comes to selecting a diaper bag. Make sure you find one with plenty of zippered or Velcro compartments to keep your items secure but easy to get to. Some new styles are even made in the "fanny pack" style so you can strap your diaper bag around your waist. Also, look for straps that have extra padding so the weight doesn't hurt your shoulder when carrying the bag. With a little window-shopping, you're sure to find a cool diaper bag that will please both you and your baby.

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