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Cool Devices

Technology is without a doubt at its peak all over the world. There are tons of really cool devices being sold to make our lives easier and more advanced. PDA, or personal digital assistants, are great tools for making business and communicating easier. The PDA usually has a tablet like screen with a pen that allows you to choose options and actually write on the screen. Many newer models also have small keyboards installed to allow you to manually type, and cell phone capabilities. Essentially, a PDA is like a miniature office that you can take with you on the road or to different locations.

Cell phones in general are becoming increasingly more advanced. Most new versions have miniature digital cameras built in them and allow you to share your pictures with others who have the same cell service. A lot of cell phones now also have web capability and text messaging, and some even allow you to watch television on your phone in real time!

Entertainment is becoming more and more portable. Sony's PSP is an ingenious little gadget that allows the user to listen to music, view movies, play video games, and store photos all on one small portable device. The amazing thing about the PSP is its amazingly clear wide LCD screen, which has been rated the best in its class.

Another cool device is the memory stick or memory key, which is basically a very small hard drive that can be taken with you everywhere you go. Simply plug the memory key into your USB, upload data onto it, and take it to another computer. When you plug it into another computer's USB port, the information has been transferred onto the key and can be used in any location. These are just a few of the great innovative cool devices available out there today. With advancement in technology taking off, who knows what will await us next.

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