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Most of us think of computers as nothing more than a box full of hardware with a big, bulky monitor attached. But computer designs have come a long way in recent years to make them not only run faster and more efficient, but look better as well.

Apple Macintosh makes some of the coolest computers available today. Their iMac is innovative in both design and processing, with a cool white screen and creatively done hard drive that takes up much less space than an ordinary CPU. Also, the Mac mini has recently hit the market and is less than half the size of a regular computer tower. This little marvel can hold a whole lot of memory in such a tiny amount of space. Most of the newer Mac models come with wireless capability already installed.

Learn more about the world's oldest analog computer found to date. The Antikythera Mechanism is to be thought of being used for navigation and astronomical calculating.

Another great and innovative maker of cool computers is Alienware. Alienware's lines of futuristic computers are available in some wild colors and they also manufacture custom computers for your individual style and tastes. Many of the company's computers are special edition, promotional CPUs. For example, they currently have a War of The Worlds special edition computer available. Another great aspect of Alienware is that not only are their computers pleasing to the eye, they are very high performance.

Making your computer stand out is easy. Several computer stores now sell cases for your CPU that look clear and light up in neon lights. The installation of this is simple: just carefully remove the old cover, and insert your CPU into the new one. Secure the casing onto the CPU and you have a customized, really cool computer! In the world of ever changing technology, it can be hard to keep up. Look for some great new products out there that will make your computer stand out from all the rest.

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