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Cool Clothes

Clothing really reflects who we are and what our personal style is. Fashion trends change so often, it is hard to always be sure we're wearing what's in at the moment. As the seasons change, so do popular clothing styles. The tunic is a very popular choice this season for cool clothes. A tunic is basically a longer shirt, and many tank tops are also being made in the tunic style. Many famous designers are creating their own version of tunics with embroidery and embellishments.

Another great fashion statement is the shoes we wear. Today, a lot of larger shoe companies like Nike, Vans, and Converse are allowing customers to create their own design on their shoes. You can customize everything from the shoelaces to the soles with a new online service that lets you pick out colors and patterns. In a few weeks, your personally designed shoes are shipped right to your door. With this new ingenious way of creating special shoes, you'll be wearing a one of a kind pair!

Cool clothes are easy to find with a little bit of looking around. Vintage clothes are still cool, even today. Check out your local vintage clothing stores or thrift shops to find some rare and beautiful vintage clothing. High end designers are also really cool, although they can be extremely expensive. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is really making a name in the fashion scene by designing beautifully colored clothing with wild and exotic patterns and styles. Jeans are always cool, so look for the very latest styles and colors. Many fashion designers are now making jeans with custom labels on the pockets, and special fabrics to give them an edge over their competitors. It's important to remember that cool clothes are only as cool as the person wearing them. Find something that you feel comfortable wearing, and your true personality will shine through. That is the coolest thing of all!

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