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Cool Baby Clothes

You may think of baby clothes as simply frilly or fuzzy, and maybe even a little conservative for your tastes. Believe it or not, there are some great places out there that sell really cool baby clothes! Punk rock t-shirts aren't just for dad anymore. Online websites now sell customized tees for your little one! You can choose the band or logo and they'll print it up on a tiny shirt just for your baby!

Designer baby clothes are also really up and coming. Even larger stores like the GAP and Old Navy now sell adorable baby clothes. But if a little higher style is your taste, there are literally hundreds of wonderful designers who now make special clothes just for baby, like Ralph Lauren. Many small boutiques also sell beautifully made baby clothes with a personal touch. Even Versace has jumped on the baby clothes bandwagon. It's really becoming a booming industry.

If you want your kid to look cool, dress them in vibrant colors and patters. Look for adorable designs that are specially made for babies. Even shoes now are sold by larger names like Nike for babies. You can make your child stand out from the crowd and have a great time dressing him or her. Since kids grow so fast, you may want your baby to look great but don't want to spend too much money. Many baby retailers hold terrific annual sales and clearance specials. You can also talk to other moms who may have some cute clothes to donate or sell for a fraction of the cost. Thrift stores are another option, although they may not have just what you are looking for, the price will be much less than a retail store. Regardless of the clothes you choose, your baby will definitely look adorable in their cool new outfits!

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