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Cool Art

Art is a wonderful form of creativity and self-expression. It comes in many different styles like impressionist or abstract. There are so many cool art pieces you can view in a museum or even purchase for your home. Finding the right style for you is easy as long as you know what to look for. You do not have to own an original Renoir or Van Gogh oil paintings in order to have cool art in your house. Many places now sell reproductions of these famous pieces that come either plain or framed and look almost as great as the original.

If you want something even more unique, try painting your very own art pieces yourself. Most craft stores sell canvases in all sizes. Buy some acrylic paint in different colors and some brushes, and let your creative juices flow. You can do something completely abstract, or paint a reproduction of a picture that you really like. Not only will you have a great original piece created by you to hang on the wall, you've got a one of a kind!

Artists works can be purchased directly from the artist themselves, or from a dealer. Most contemporary artists only create one piece and then sell it. Sometimes these pieces can be part of a series, or in limited numbers. Folk art is also really cool, and takes every day objects such as a piece of wood and turns it into a stunning work of art. Look for folk art at many flea markets or roadside stands. This type of art really reflects the culture of where it was made. Look in your local phone book for artist's galleries and studios. Many places will open the studios to the public for viewing or when the artists have sales. This way, you'll get first dibs on some unique and wonderful art.

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