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Cool Animals

Most of us are accustomed to the usual cat or dog in our homes as pets. But there are so many cool animals available to you as fuzzy or exotic friends; you just need to know where to look. The sugar glider is a very popular animal that is quickly becoming a beloved pet in many households.

This small little marsupial hails from Australia and resembles a miniature flying squirrel. Sugar gliders are very friendly, very intelligent, and fairly easy to care for. Not to mention, they are really cool because you can put them in your pocket and tote them around town. Many people say it is best to buy them in pairs because they love to play and can get lonely when their owner is not around.

The degu is another cool animal that is being sold in pet stores and attracting lots of attention. The degu resembles a cross between a gerbil and a chinchilla but has short brown hair. These animals are extremely playful and make excellent pets for children. Exotic fish such as angelfish and other beautifully colored tropical fish are also really cool pets that are fairly easy to handle. Fresh water fish are much easier to care for than saltwater fish, however saltwater bears some of the more exotic and interesting breeds.

Besides pets, there are literally hundreds of amazing animals to teach your children about. The platypus, armadillo, bat, butterfly, and snake are all really cool animals. Go to your local library and see what kind of interesting books you can find on cool and interesting animals. Take your child to the zoo and see what wonderful and whimsical animals you'll discover there. And who knows, if the mood strikes, you may end up at the pet store to bring home a cool animal for yourself!

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